About Us

Imagine Schools’ vision is for every student to reach his or her full potential and discover the pathways for life-long success.

Imagine Prep offers students and their families more than an amazing educational experience. We offer students a chance to grow with us and become part of our family. We create a strong sense of community through student empowerment, parental involvement, and community participation.

By creating a vibrant community that encourages student participation and involvement, Imagine Prep is preparing students for college, career, and life. Students experience the joy of being part of something, learn the importance of citizenship, and benefit academically from the social support our community offers.

Our students are encouraged to partner with faculty and staff to create and organize extracurricular programs, plan social activities, organize field trips, and encourage student philanthropy through community service projects.

We also believe that our commitment to students is yearlong. Accordingly, over summer break Imagine Prep offers numerous camps, academic classes, and free social activities. Students new to Imagine Prep are encouraged to attend so they can meet classmates and teachers before the first day of school.