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What is AVID?

Advancement Via Individual Determination is a curricular support that helps students be better prepared for college. AVID allows students to prepare to be critical readers, writers and thinkers as well as problem-solvers.

How will AVID benefit my child?

AVID has helped scores of students who may be overlooked for colleges and universities by giving building the skills necessary to be successful in middle school, high school and college. AVID will help your students learn study skills, note-taking, and organization.

How does my child become part of AVID?

Students can become part of the AVID family by completing the application process. Once students have completed the application, students will be interviewed. Students must choose AVID; students who have AVID chosen for them are less likely to complete the program.

How will my child’s schedule be impacted by AVID?

Students will continue with all of the regular coursework—Math, English, Social Studies, and Science. In addition to their core classes, students will take the AVID elective. Students who are participating in the AVID elective will learn Cornell note-taking, additional academic best practices, and learn a variety of discussion techniques. During the elective, students will be receive tutoring and be able to participate in field trips.