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What is Cambridge?

Cambridge is an international examination system that allows students to show readiness for college and career through performance based examinations.

How is Cambridge different from traditional coursework?

Cambridge allows students to progress through their high school experience based on their performance instead of the amount of time students spend in seats within the classroom. Cambridge allows students’ needs to be met on a timeline that matches the students’ performance.

What benefits will my child get by being at a Cambridge site?

Your student will be able to progress through their courses based on his/her performance. Students’ needs will be met as they arise and on a time table that meets those needs. In addition, students who meet all of the qualifications will earn a Grand Canyon Diploma. Once students have earned a Grand Canyon Diploma, they may enroll at a community college or continue at Imagine Prep Coolidge, where they can begin earning college credits through Advanced Placement courses or Dual Enrollment courses.

What will my child’s Cambridge Schedule look like?

All students will participate in Math, English, History, and Science. Students will get additional support in English, Science, and History, through the Cambridge Literacy and learning class. Students will also have choice in their elective. (We highly recommend students take Spanish to fulfill the foreign language requirement for most universities.)