Graduation Requirements – See below

Imagine Prep empowers students to learn at the speed of personal potential. Learning goals are personalized so students can succeed – in school and in life! At Imagine Prep the learning environment is smaller, meaning students are well-known. Learning is personalized and project-based, enabling students to demonstrate mastery of knowledge. Our standards are higher, challenging students to achieve and succeed – in school and in life!

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Principal’s List and Honor Roll
Students who meet the high academic standards described below will be eligible for recognition.

Principal’s List: 4.0 or higher GPA

Honor Roll: 3.4 – 3.99 GPA

*Mastery is required for all students in every course. Mastery is defined by a grade of 80% or better. This score may be earned through a combination of assessments, exhibitions of learning, projects, extra-credit assignments and/or other coursework as determined by teachers and administration.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
The highest correlation for completing a Bachelor’s degree in college is taking an AP Exam in high school. – The Washington Post, November 23, 2004

AP can change your life. Through college-level AP courses, you enter a universe of knowledge that might otherwise remain unexplored in high school; through AP Exams, you have the opportunity to earn credit or advanced standing at most of the nation’s colleges and universities.

Graduation Requirements

As a college prep high school, Imagine Prep currently exceeds the Arizona State standards for graduation and meets the recommendations of NCA and standards of Arizona State colleges.


A student’s program of studies should be cooperatively planned by the student and parent with assistance of the school to meet the individual needs of the student. A PEP or Personalized Education Plan will be established for each student.

To meet high school graduation requirements, all students must complete a four year plan consisting of a minimum of 22 units of credit during grades 09, 10, 11, 12. A course that meets one semester is worth one-half (.5) unit of credit.

The following is a listing of the number of credits per subject that are required for graduation from Imagine Prep.

4 .0 Units
Introductory Algebra
Algebra I—Core or Honors
Algebra II—Core or Honors
Geometry—Core or Honors
Introductory Algebra—Honors
Calculus AB—AP
Approved SMART Lab Course w/Math Designation— Track TBD
3.0 Units
Earth Science—Core or Honors
Physical Science—Core or Honors
Biology—Core or Honors
Chemistry—Core, Honors or AP
Physics B—AP
Psychology—AP (.5 unit)
Approved SMART Lab Course w/Science Designation— Track TBD
Social Studies
3.0 Units
Freshman US History Core or Honors
Sophomore US Economics/Bistro Associate (.5 unit)
World History—Core or Honors
US Government and Politics—Core, Honors, or AP (.5 unit)
US and Global Economics—Honors
Macroeconomics—AP (.5 unit)
Microeconomics—AP (.5 unit)
US History—AP
Approved SMART Lab Course w/ SS Designation—Track TBD
Language Arts
4.0 Units
Introduction to English Literature Core or Honors
Critical Reading and Effective Writing Core or Honors
American Literature Core or Honors
Speech (.5 unit)
British and World Literature Core or Honors
English and Composition I—AP
English and Composition II—AP
Approved SMART Lab Course w/ Language Arts Designation—Track TBD
1.0 Units
Freshman Moral Foundations I (.5 unit)
Sophomore Moral Foundations II (.5 unit)
SMART Lab SMART Lab hours may satisfy a number of credits in a variety of subjects including, math, science, fine arts and more. Courses in the SMART Lab will be offered in the following areas with many variations per student desire as approved by the teacher:
Computer Aided Publishing
Computer Simulation
Control Technology
Multi-Media Development
Physical Simulation
Science and Data Acquisition
Foreign Language
2.0 Units
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III Honors
Spanish IV Honors
French I
French II
French III Honors
French IV Honors
French Language and Composition I AP
French Language and Composition II AP
5.0 Units
See Elective Form for current Electives. Any non-required course may be taken as an elective.One Fine Arts Class and one Physical Education class must be taken to complete graduation requirements.
Junior year internship—Subject designation TBD
Any course listed in bold is a required Prep course.

See Elective Form for current Electives. Any non-required course may be taken as an elective.

One Fine Arts Class and one Physical Education class must be taken to complete graduation requirements.
Junior year internship—Subject designation TBD
Any course